So, what is it about thirty-plus year old shows and me of late? After spending a few years sending Mulder & Scully on various adventures, I've taken a liking to sending another pair of law enforcement officers on various journeys.  I hope you'll enjoy the trip.

Memory's Ashes
(April, 2002) - Starsky makes a decision that feels so right, but the thought of telling Hutch scares the hell out of him.

Dance a Memory (March, 2002) - Starsky is back on the job, but no one ever said it would be easy.

Denial (February, 2002) - "You don't remember, Davey?"  When Starsky lightly shook his head, the doctor knew he wasn't being completely honest with him, but understood the reason for that denial would come soon enough."

Explanations (December, 2001) - So, how did a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn get so head over heals in love with the Christmas season?

Lost Connection ( December, 2001) - A sudden change in Hutch's behavior could prove the partnership's undoing.

Fear of the Unknown (May, 2001) - Sometimes the not knowing is more frightening then the truth.

Waiting in Line (March, 2001) - Just a simple trip to the bank, right?  Sure it was...

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