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A Bond between Two--50K--PG-13
Mulder is trusted with some very important information by someone with whom he feels a special bond.

Beauty's Beast--73K--PG-13
Mulder suffers love and loss.

Birthday Dinner--22K--PG-13
It's Scully's birthday and much to Mulder's chagrin, she chose the restaurant.

Cicely's Gardens of Light--127K--PG
Mulder & Scully visit a quaint town named Cicely to check out a possible X-File and with the help of a few of the citizens of Cicely, discover a lot more about themselves then they realized possible.

Dark Corners--86K--PG-13
Mulder faces an unseen enemy with devastating results.

Devil's Advocate Part1--137K--PG-13
Written with Vickie Moseleyfor the Virtual Season 8.
Mulder may have met his ultimate match.

Devil's Advocate Part2--118K--PG-13
Written with Vickie Moseleyfor the Virtual Season 9.
Part 2 of the saga about Mulder and his ultimate match.

Devil'sAdvocate Part3 --116K--PG-13
Written with Vickie Moseleyfor the Virtual Season 9.
The conclusion to the DA trilogy and how Mulder and Scully together overcome the dark angel.

The "Eye" in FBI--3K--PG-13
Originally written for the After the Fact Website, this is a post-ep vignette for The Pilot.

Familiar Faces--54K--PG-13
Mulder sees what appears to be familiar faces from his past, and has to deal with the pain of living through those difficult times all over again.

George Jacobs Elementary School - Part 1--96K--PG-13
Mulder is called in on a case for his expertise on alien abductions and hostage negotiation, while Scully is called in for her expertise in keeping Mulder sane.

George Jacobs Elementary School - Part 2--36K--PG-13

Giving Love--10K--PG-13
Dealing with internal and external nemeses.

The Healer(1/2)--89K--PG-13
The Healer(2/2)--114K
Mulder comes across a tabloid article which describes a man with amazing skills as a 'psychic surgeon' and decides to meet him. A meeting that later has serious implications for Mulder's life.

Home is Where the Heart is--31K--PG-13
Mulder returns home, only to realize home is where the heart is.

No Summary Available

Just Checking--42K--PG-13
A Vickie Moseley "fill in the blank" companion piece to Susan Proto's "Under the Weather".

The Littlest Hostage--68K--PG-13
The question which needed answering was whether Elliot Buttersfield an innocent victim too. The second question in Mulder's mind was whether Jenny Buttersfield really was an alien.

Lone Hearts--95K--PG-13
Mulder & Scully join in the search for a good friend, wondering who the intended target was in the first place. Originally written for the Virtual 9 season.

Lovely Warm Thoughts--58K--PG-13
One of Mulder's most frightening foes returns to torture Mulder some more, because it's the thing he likes to do best, and because he can.

Macho Man--63K--PG-13
Mulder faces a new crisis; one that he's not too sure he won't have to face alone.

Memories of Two Fathers--35K--PG-13
Scully makes a connection with someone close to her, and allows Mulder the chance to do the same.

Memory's Promise--14K--PG
What is the significance of a simple rag doll?

Tragedy strikes a new relationship, yet miracles are still a possibility.

Mirror, Mirror--88K--PG-13
Scully finds herself in a strange place. Written with Vickie Moseley for the IMTP Virtual Season 10.

Missing Pieces--71K--PG-13
Scully can't understand why she keeps misplacing things that are only of value to her, or are they?

The Oxford Files:Coming Home (1/2)--133K--PG-13
The Oxford Files:Coming Home (2/2)--139K
Collaboration with Vickie Moseley
Mulder and Scully go to England.

Passive Resistance--24K--PG-13
Mulder revisits a bad habit.

The Relapse--71K--PG-13
Illness strikes and it takes the compassion and understanding of Scully and Skinner to help Mulder get through it and his recovery.

Stray Cat--40K--PG-13
Mulder has a chance encounter with something that brings him back to his past, and Scully's there to help him return to the present.

The Tale of Amber Creek--38K--PG-13
A little bit o' angst, and believing the unbelievable.

This is a Test --91K--PG-13
Collaboration with Vickie Moseley
Post Requiem from Mulder's perspective and someone else.

Three Men & A Mom--87K--PG-13
Mulder takes it upon himself to seek out the truth, and pays dearly for it.

Written with Vickie Moseley for the Virtual Season 8.
Scully takes the lead on a case that takes the partners on yet another walk in the woods.

Under the Weather--15K--PG-13
Mulder's a bit under the weather, which of course, in Mulder's case, is never easy.

Mulder takes the witness stand as seen through Scully's eyes.

The Yesterdays--3K--PG-13
No more yesterdays...don't want 'em back. Originally written for the After the Fact 'Demons' Challenge.

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