Life Cycles I:The Unveiling--68K
Mulder is asked to endure one of life's rituals that brings back tortured memories of his childhood. Scully is there to help him through it, and shares the journey with him. Definitely has a Shipper's viewpoint, folks.

Life Cycles II:The Engagement--88K
The next step in Mulder and Scully’s life cycle is met with some bumps in the road. Mulder must deal not only with the frustrations of working back in the ISU, but he must also deal with the possible loss of his adopted mother and her daughter’s less than supportive attitude.

Life Cycles III: Yortzeit Remembered--25K
Mulder feels compelled to take a trip to New England to share the good news of his impending marriage.

Life Cycles VI:Thanksgiving Friends--50K
Mulder & Scully decide to have a Thanksgiving holiday get-together for their friends, so everyone will be familiar with one another at their December wedding. Problems arise when Mulder realizes he needs to make a very important choice and feels insecure because he's uncertain as to how that choice will be received.

Life Cycles V:Under The Chuppa--144K
As Scully and Maggie deal with the "normal" last minute problems in the preparation for the impending nuptials, they fail to realize that Mulder is having some very real problems of his own. It's a good thing someone is watching over him.

Life Cycles VI:Grieving--108K--R
MAJOR ANGST WARNING The honeymoon brings a surprise for the newlyweds, but as we all know, things rarely go smoothly for our heroes. MAJOR ANGST WARNING

Life Cycles VII:Eight Days--31K
A happy event in the lives of our heroes is marred a little by misgivings and fear of the unknown.

Life Cycles VIII: In the Name of the Father-Vickie Moseley--16K
With permission of Susan Proto, another in the Life Cycles Series. Scully realizes how important her religion is to her.

Life Cycles IX: Journey(1/3)-Vickie Moseley & Susan Proto--128K
Life Cycles IX: Journey(2/3)--135K
Life Cycles IX: Journey(3/3)--123K
Mulder, Scully & baby Adam prepare for the next journey in their lives, only to have ignorance, jealousy, and violence threaten to end it too soon.

Life Cycles X:Trust(1/2)--106K--mostly PG-13
Life Cycles X:Trust(2/2)--135K
An unexpected incident results in a trip back into Mulder's past, and the traumas he needs to face to make the return trip home to his family.

Life Cycles XI:Memories Passed--79K--PG-13,and NC-17 in part 4
When the Mulders are invited to spend a special holiday dinner with best friends, Scully has a sense of foreboding, and as usual, it's with good reason.

Life Cycles XII:Trading Lives--76K--PG-13
An effort to put a little levity into a leisurely lunch puts the Scully family's health in jeopardy, leaving a very fragile Fox Mulder to hold down the fort for both his family and his coworkers, along with a very angry and frustrated Walter Skinner.

Life Cycles XIII:Fathers' Fears--118K--PG-13
Potential tragedy for the Mulder's close friends, the Goldfarbs and the aftereffects on all concerned.

Life Cycles XIV: Coming of Age (1/2)--82K--PG-13
Life Cycles XIV: Coming of Age (2/2)--93K
Mulder chooses to take on a new challenge, but finds his past once again hinders him. He needs the help of his therapist, but more importantly, his family to help him succeed.

Life Cycles XV:The Grand Entrance--32K--PG-13
The family has gathered to celebrate Mulder's Bar Mitzvah. Someone decides to join the party a couple of weeks early.

Life Cycles XVI:Holidays(1/3)-with Vickie Moseley--109K--PG
Life Cycles XVI:Holidays(2/3)--106K
Life Cycles XVI:Holidays(3/3)--116K
This one deals with the Mulder's attempts to have a normal Hanukkah, but, as always, serial killers have a way of disrupting the best laid plans.

Life Cycles XVII:The Bonding--102K--PG-13
While Scully goes out with the girls, Mulder gets a chance to bond with the boys. Oh joy.

Life Cycles XVIII:Beliefs--35K--PG-13
Mulder takes his children Christmas shopping, and in the spirit of the season, learns more about his son.

Life Cycles XIX:A Curve in the Road --117K--PG-13
Mulder sets out to drive the family home, but a drunk driver has other ideas.

Life Cycles XX:Riding the Rails --74K--PG-13
Just a normal trip to the amusement park, right? Yeah, right.

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