Sometimes a gal has to go play in another sandbox for a bit, you know? Especially when the guy in charge of your favorite sandbox puts your best buddy in a desk drawer, and replaces another with what has to be a whiny, stupid, alien clone. It makes you want to go looking for some new friends to play with for a bit.

If you must, blame an adorable little nephew with a thing for a 25-year-old TV show and no way to see it except to ask Aunt Susan to tape it. And blame two other fan fic writers who defected first. But by all means, read on!

(Ahhh, in a hospital bed. Just where I like him!)

Seeing is Believing (May 2001) Just another sleepless night for Johnny...or is it?

NO BIG DEAL (January 2003) "It was just a fender-bender, Doc..."

MATTERS OF TRUST (October 2002)  Roy makes a decision that has serious consequences for himself and his partner.

FAMILY MATTERS  (April 2002) A woman from Johnny's past asks him to do an impossible task.

POSSESSIVE (February 2002) " He hated to admit it, but there were moments, however rare, that he felt a hint of jealousy"

CHOICES (February 2002) "Because it shows you don't know jack about being loyal, Gage, that's why."

BOUND BY FRIENDSHIP (January 2002) " Mountains of debris fell and buried them; their contact, however, remained unbroken "

SOLITARY CELEBRATIONS (November 2001)  " John nodded; he knew and said as much.  'But this time there's only one person I can rely on.'" (Originally written for the JGP birthday celebration!)

MANY LAYERS (September 2001)  "There were times when his partner was as easy to read as a Dr. Seuss book, but then there were times when he realized that the book had more than one layer to it..."

200 WORDS:  MISSED CELEBRATION (June 2001) There are times to celebrate, and then there are times....

200 WORDS:  THE BIG THREE-O (June 2001)  To celebrate or not?

MORE ALIKE THAN UNALIKE (April 2001) Night and Day meet and discover they're more alike than they thought.

THE BET (February 2001) Johnny bets Chet he can go a week without whining--and lives to regret it.

FRIENDLY ACQUAINTANCES (February 2001) A catastrophic accident leaves Johnny with more scars than the ones on his body.

IT'S ONLY A GAME (January 2001) Mike Morton's competitive nature spells disaster for Johnny.

Don't say I didn't tell ya department: EMERGENCY! and its characters are not mine. They belong to Universal Television and Mark VII Limited, and I'm just borrowing.

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